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Check Up Center中心 One Stop Service 一站式全面的健康检查中心。完善的医疗服务,先进的医疗设备,专业的医疗团队,时刻等候为您服务。为了避免您在等候检查结果时错过重要的联系时间,中心还设立有Internet角和美食角,供患者及其亲友使用。 |

Human body could be compared to a machine that consistently undergoes a cycle of change. After long periods of operation, the machine inevitably starts to show signs of wear and tear. At this time, if we attempt to repair or replace spare parts, it cannot be guaranteed that operational efficiency will be comparable to previous performance.

Although technological development and medical advancements offer the opportunity of protection against bodily decay, many people continue to neglect and ignore the issue of correct health care, only going to see the doctor after they discover an irregularity. This practice is inadvisable, as it means disorders are not treated at early stage.

Nowadays, the field of medicine is not just involved in the evolution of medicine and treatments, but may also act as a mirror to reflect your current state of health, and to remind you that this is the time to start looking after your health seriously. The Periodic Health Examination is a health check-up service to examine the performance of your body and its essential functions, in order to expose diseases in their infancy and prevent potential future complications.

A Good Health Center offers you more than just check-ups. Our one stop service Check -up Center includes a, EENT Clinic, X-ray Room (Ultrasound, Mammograms and Bone Mineral Density Examinations), Optician’s, patient lounges and Internet Café to cater health enthusiasts in a deluxe, high-class establishment.

Health Check-up program :


有用的信息和健康提示 | Useful info and health tips

General advices for Health Check-up :

  1. Food and drink should not be consumed for at least 12 hours prior to examination (except water).
  2. Women requiring internal tests should be examined at least 1 week after menstruation.
  3. Mammograms should be performed during the period of 1 to 7 days after cessation of menstruation.
  4. Patients requiring health check-ups should take at least 8 hours rest prior to examination.
  5. In the event that an irregularity is discovered, a discussion between doctor and patient will take place for further examination.
  6. Patients with disease should consult with doctor prior to health check up in order to get a correct health check up program     as well as appropriate planning for further treatment.
  7. Patients aged 35 and over should receive health check-up at least once a year.


  • ”Dr.Nisarath_Soontrapa”

    Dr. Nisarath Soontrapa

    Specialist – fertility

    Doctor timetable : Tuesday , Thursday 17.00-20.00 / Saturday 09.00-12.00
    我们的医生 →

  • ”Dr.Nisarath_Soontrapa”

    Dr. Nisarath Soontrapa

    Specialist – fertility

    Doctor timetable : Tuesday , Thursday 17.00-20.00 / Saturday 09.00-12.00
    我们的医生 →


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